Low Lying Fog Rental

Low lying fog rental find here in Phoenix, Arizona


Wow your guests with a low-lying fog effect.


Since this machine is rare, you will surprise your guests with an effect they've never seen before.


We can set this machine up in a few minutes, so you can see it faster.

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Phoenix Low Lying Fog Machine (Dancing on the Clouds)

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The “Dancing on the clouds effect” is a popular wedding and special dance machine. Our rental includes set up and tear down, if you need us to operate. This effect creates a whimsical and breathtaking sight in photos and video. If you need a traditional fog machine that is less than $100, we have you covered. 

Did you know? This machine uses a dry-ice base to create the fog! So, there is no mess and you can easily see the low lying fog effect. Also, we supply an operator if you need someone to run the machine.

Arizona Low Lying Fog Machine Rentals

Rent a fog machine in Arizona. We have ground fog machines for a dancing on the cloud effect.

Low Lying Fog Special Effects

Our fog machine is a great feature for haunted houses or for an entrance. We even supply a gallon of fluid for your event. Pick this up for your next smoky event.

FAQs - Low Lying Fog Rental

Low-lying fog is a type of special effect created by using a fog machine to produce a dense cloud of mist that hugs the ground, creating an eerie and dreamy atmosphere.

Low-lying fog is ideal for various types of events, including weddings, parties, concerts, and theatrical performances. It can also be used in haunted houses, Halloween events, and other special occasions.

No, low-lying fog is water-based and will not damage flooring or surfaces. However, it is important to follow proper safety guidelines to avoid any potential damage to electronics or other sensitive equipment.

Yes, low-lying fog rental is available for DIY events, but it is recommended to hire an experienced technician to ensure proper operation and safety.

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